Azure Friday | Azure Analysis Services Scale Out & Diagnostics

Christian Wade stops by to chat with Scott Hanselman about how to use Azure Analysis Services diagnostic logging and query scale out. These features provide high scalability and monitoring for IT-owned “corporate BI” and are much easier to set up in Azure than on-premises. For more information, see: Introducing query replica scale-out for Azure Analysis[…]

Azure Friday | Use the Azure portal to answer your billing questions

Tommy Nguyen joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Billing in the Azure portal. If you’re wondering: “Where do I find a copy of my invoice?” or “How does an Azure service affect my overall costs?” – these questions and more will be answered in this episode, which highlights features in the Azure portal to get cost[…]

Azure Friday | Apache Kafka on HDInsight

Raghav Mohan joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Apache Kafka on HDInsight, which added the open-source distributed streaming platform last year to complete a scalable, big data streaming scenario on Azure. The service has come a long way since – processing millions of events/sec, petabytes of data/day to power scenarios like Toyota’s connected car, Office[…]

Azure Friday | Jenkins CI/CD with Service Fabric

In this episode, Mani Ramaswamy shows Scott Hanselman how to use Jenkins for your CI/CD pipeline with Service Fabric and run your Jenkins build server directly on the Service Fabric cluster. The Service Fabric team uses Jenkins internally for testing on Linux, and you can learn about how it is configured. For more information, see:[…]

Azure Friday | Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT Device Management Enhancements

David Campbell joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Windows 10 IoT and how it enhances Azure IoT Device Management (DM) capabilities on Windows IoT, simplifying DM and aligning Azure DM with other Windows DM solutions. For more information, see: Windows 10 IoT Azure DM Blog post – Windows 10 IoT Azure Device Management client –[…]