Azure Friday | Azure IoT Hub

Olivier Bloch joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure IoT and how it is more than just about connecting IoT devices and sending telemetry to the Cloud. They also talk about Azure IoT device topics such as twins, provisioning, and lifecycle management. For more information, see: Azure IoT Hub – Azure IoT MXChip starter kit[…]

Azure Friday | Azure Availability Zones

Raj Ganapathy joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new addition to Azure’s resiliency offerings – Availability Zones. Azure Availability Zones are fault-isolated locations within an Azure region to help protect customers applications and data from datacenter-level failures with independent power, network, and cooling. For more information, see: Introducing Azure Availability Zones for resiliency and high[…]

Azure Friday | Open Service Broker for Azure

In this episode, Sean McKenna shows Scott Hanselman the Open Service Broker for Azure, an easy way to connect applications running in platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to some of the most popular Azure services, using a standard, multi-cloud API. For more information, see: Open Service Broker API (org site) – Open Service[…]

Azure Friday | Azure Location Based Services

Chris Pendleton joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Location Based Services, which is a portfolio of geospatial service APIs natively integrated into Azure that enables developers, enterprises, and ISVs to create location-aware apps and IoT, mobility, logistics, and asset tracking solutions. The portfolio currently comprises of services for Map Rendering, Routing, Search, Time Zones and[…]

Azure Advisor – your personalized guide for Azure best practices

Azure Advisor is your personalized cloud service for Azure best practices that helps you improve availability, enhance protection, optimize performance of your Azure resources, and maximize the return on your IT budget. Review your Azure Advisor recommendations at no cost in your Azure portal –

Azure Friday | Durable Functions in Azure Functions

Chris Gillum joins Scott Hanselman to discuss a new extension of Azure Functions known as Durable Functions. Durable Functions is a programming model for authoring stateful, reliable, and serverless function orchestrations using C# and async/await. For more information, see: Durable Functions overview (docs) – Durable Task Framework extension for Azure Functions (GitHub repo) –[…]