Azure Friday | Cassandra API for Azure Cosmos DB

Join Kirill Gavrylyuk and Scott Hanselman to learn about native support for Apache Cassandra API in Azure Cosmos DB with wire protocol level compatibility. This support ensures you can continue using your existing application and OSS tools with no code changes and gives you the flexibility to run your Cassandra apps fully managed with no[…]

How Cloud Skills are Accelerating IT Pro Careers

This complimentary white paper by International Data Center (IDC) shares research on the most significant trends that impact cloud professionals: Learn what cloud skills are accelerating the careers of IT professionals and what certifications matter most.

Azure Friday | What’s New in Azure Cosmos DB

Kirill Gavrylyuk returns to Azure Friday to update Scott Hanselman on what’s new in Azure Cosmos DB, such as the Cassandra API for applications that are written for Apache Cassandra, updates to the Azure Table storage API, the Apache Spark Connector, the Graph API, partitioned collections, 99.999% (five 9s) SLA, and more. Dear Cassandra Developers,[…]

ExakTime grows customer base empowered by Azure PaaS.

Start your trial now: Azure is not only a place to host Virtual Machines, but to tool to create innovative solutions by leveraging cloud-based applications, allowing organizations to streamline their application delivery process without a need to provide hardware, patch servers, and manage environments focusing on adding value to the business as they digitally[…]

Azure Friday | Container-native developer experiences, Part 3 – Brigade

Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn about Brigade, the Kubernetes-native service that creates structured container pipelines from JavaScript functions, letting you “script” your cluster in reaction to events. You’ll also learn about Kashti, the web dashboard that shows you the status of all your Brigade projects. Brigade – Event-driven scripting for Kubernetes:[…]

Azure Friday | Container-native developer experiences, Part 2 – Draft

Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn how to use Draft to kick start container-native development for Kubernetes applications. Draft lets you concentrate on your service code by removing the containment and service composition from most development work, which increases the speed of service development and improves the consistency of Dockerfiles & Helm charts.[…]