Azure Friday | Container-native developer experiences, Part 1 – Overview

Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn about the open source tool chain that enables container-native, microservice-oriented app development and delivery in Kubernetes. They cover the challenges of adopting containers as a code delivery technology and some of the tools that help address them: – Draft for containment and service composition: – Helm Leia mais sobreAzure Friday | Container-native developer experiences, Part 1 – Overview[…]

Azure Friday | Running Ansible on Azure

Kylie Liang shows Donovan Brown how to run Ansible playbooks on Azure using Cloud Shell, a browser-based shell experience hosted in the cloud. She also demonstrates how to use the Ansible extension for VS Code to accelerate Ansible playbook development using auto-completion and code snippets, and then run it inside Docker or Cloud Shell. Ansible Leia mais sobreAzure Friday | Running Ansible on Azure[…]

Enable global-scale applications with distributed multi-model databases

To learn more, visit: Azure Cosmos DB, a multi-model, multi-API database, provides single digit latency at 99 percent and global distribution. While there are 5 consistency models, 97% of applications benefit from these three: session, consistent prefix, and bounded staleness.